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Fogged RV window In the first step, the RV owner and the technical team from RVFogDr get together to observe each window in the RV carefully- under a number of lighting conditions.  This allows them to spot all of the windows that may be discolored or fogged in any way, thus making sure that all of the problems are addressed and none are missed.  Generally, the reflection and discoloration are clearly visible from inside out- in bright sunlight.
removing window frame from RV for repair Once the windows with visible problems have been addressed, the team sets about, carefully removing them from the RV and transporting the windows to the shop where they will soon be repaired.  Special tools are used to ensure that the paint and graphics are not damaged in any way.
sealing repaired window to prevent water intrusion Each window is sealed at the factory on the top, to prevent water from running between the window and the sides.  The old seal is removed before the window, so that no paint is damaged in any way.
protecting RV interior while window is being repaired Once the window has been removed, a specialized adhesive coating is applied to the outside of the window. This prevents dust and insects from entering the rig during the time that the windows are being repaired.
protecting RV interior while window is being repaired This seal prevents any moisture from entering the sidewalls of the RV while your windows are removed and serves to keep the warm air out and the cool air inside….
removing original sealant If any sealant is present, at this time, it is removed, leaving a smooth surface for reinstalling the window, then sealing the surfaces to prevent water intrusion. The interior frame support is left in place during this time as well, to ensure that your reinstalled window will meet the original factory alignment.
installing specialized dual pane seal Once the window enters the shop, the glass portion is removed from the aluminum framework, and specialized tools, equipment and knowledge are used to split the halves for the repair.  All of the glass is tempered, and special care is given to ensuring that
nothing is damaged or broken during the separation process.
cleaning discolored windows Once the window halves are separated, specialized cleaners are used to remove the discoloration and fogging.  Each piece is cleaned and all of the old, damaged seals are carefully removed, leaving clean, clear glass as the foundation for a new dual pane seal to be made.
specialized cleaners remove all traces of prior discoloration This picture shows one glass pane, with the original damaged seals still mounted.  They are carefully removed, cleaned and tested for maximum visibility prior to the application of new seals.
removing old damaged seal In this picture, you can see the discoloration from the old window and some of the seal is still in place as well. The technician removes all of the old material and discoloration, in preparation for the new seal to be put in place a few steps further along.
showing window discoloration before repair Once the windows have been separated, time is spent in cleaning the fogging and streaking from the original installation, and carefully preparing them for the next step in the process.  From time to time, a window has been allowed to remain in the streaked state for too long and cannot be repaired.  The lesson here is to have the windows done earlier- rather than later.  This saves both time and money.
removing streaks with elbow grease cleaners Another technician works on the second half of this window.  All imperfections are removed, and the window is cleaned with special chemicals.  Once the old seals and damage are removed, the windows are allowed to dry so that they can receive the new seals and moisture retardants.
removing all old adhesives No opportunity is missed to ensure that the discoloration and fogging is totally removed.  Once the window is replaced, it looks like the original factory window- with a much better seal in place.
installing new seal The windows have been taken apart, carefully cleaned, chemically stabilized, and dried.  Now it is time to install a new special pliable seal- designed to keep out moisture for years.Specialized equipment and training are necessary to make this task effective and durable.
replacing newly repaired window Once the windows have been re-sealed and dried, they are inspected and then placed back into their aluminum framework.  The windows are then returned to your coach and reinstalled.  Finally, a specialized sealant is used to prevent water intrusion, and you are back up and running down the road with windows you can be proud of.  RV Fog Doctor can help and stands behind every window they repair. The staff at RVFogDr is on task to make your visit enjoyable and as brief as possible.